Ignorance and Anger

Along with the MANY beautiful and loving emails that I receive all of you at SikhNet, there are always those people who have a lot of ignorance, hate and anger in their life, and seem to try to suck energy from others by spreading their hate and negativity. I’m a very sensitive person, so when I get emails like the one below it always hurts that someone would be so hurtful in their words. I deal with this by imagining the hardships that they must have in their life that would give birth to this anger and hate and then mentally pray that they can work through this and be more loving, open and compassionate to others.

 Ultimately anyone in a position of leadership or in the public eye is bound to have to deal with people like this. My challenge is to not let these things effect me and be able to stay neutral. 

The below email was sent to me as a response to the email about the "Sikh Stories for Children Project". I guess the person must have been holding this anger for a while and my email and name just opened the door for them to share their poo-poo. (ps. I have no idea who this person is and have never interacted with him. Waheguru! May Guruji bless everyone to be compassionate to each other!)

How do you call yourself Gurumustuk Singh "Khalsa" when you are not even a Sikh? You are just a kundalini yogi who peforms white tantrik rituals on summer solstices and plasters personal hyped-up trivial family details in american chewing-gum language on the internet for all to see and read. Khalsas don’t do that! If you think others look up to you as some kind of role model, you are pretty deluded. You can’t even manage your website properly.You don’t answer members’ queries.Your printer-friendly links don’t work.What are you anyway? Stop fooling others and yourself and get your act straight. Get yourself in order instead of going around like a big grinning orang-utang. ~ BV Singh"