Vaisakhi Celebrations in Espanola New Mexico

The Baisakhi celebrations were yesterday were wonderful! It started with a delicious breakfast for the whole sangat hosted by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur at the Ranch and then from there we had a larg Nagar Kirtan procession all the way to the Gurdwara. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s vaisakhi celebrations.

Siri Guru Grant Sahib

Siri Singhasan E Khalsa

The entry way to the Gurdwara 



This was a cool capture of the person sitting behind Siri Guru Granth Sahib with a shadow hilight through her chuni.





One other nice thing during Gurdwara was that brothers, Prabhu and Hari Singh played Gurbani kirtan with classical instruments for the first time. Hari Singh played the Rabab and Prabhu Singh played the Dilruba. This was their first time playing in Gurdwara and I’m sure they worked hard and practiced a lot to play Kirtan for the Sangat for the first time.  Here is an audio clip so you can hear what the Rabab sound like. 

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Classical Kirtan




Nagar Kirtan


Siri Guru Granth Sahib


Nagar Kirtan


Panj Piaray




Nagar Kirtan


Nagar Kirtan


Sky and Trees


Vaisakhi Breakfast



Charanjeet just got some new jutti from Amaji who just got back from Amritsar. Charanjeet loves them and wants to always wear them. 

Gurudev Singh and Charanjeet

Charanjeet with her "big brother" and friend Gurudev Singh 



Happy to be with my mother


Rainbow Turban




Peacock Showing Off

At the Vaisakhi breakfast there were lots of peacocks and this one was giving quite a show. Showing off for the females and trying to intimidate the males. It was pretty cool…with the bright colors and vibrating feathers. 

Peacock Showing Off