SikhNet Video Shoot

Well, we now have the "SikhNet Video Studio" setup! A generous Sikh donated funds to pay for new video/lighting equipment. Someone in our local community had a small storage room that they were not using so we turned it into our "studio". The room is a bit narrow but it’s much better than jumping through hoops filming in the SikhNet office (which is even smaller).

 We wanted to test all the equipment so asked Guruka Singh to join us so we could do a test run by doing some interviews. So, we are now queued up to edit and post some brand new videos for you all in the coming weeks. We are almost done with the first video (on the topic of "Guilt, Sin, Heaven and hell"), but had some issues with the lighting of the green screen, so it has been quite time consuming working it out and editing the video to make it work.

 My thanks go out to all of you that have supported SikhNet and have enabled us to continue creating these educational videos and to serve in this way! If you have not yet supported SikhNet and value it’s many services please to show your support.



Me and Gurujot Singh running some audio tests.



Guruka Singh full of bright smiles (as always) 



Taking a break.