Latest Pics of the The Kids

The kids are growing up so fast! It’s been a while since I posted some pictures, so here are a few. A little while ago Narayan went through a phase where he didn’t want me taking picture of him anymore and was always avoiding the camera. Now that has changed. Recently Arjan told me that she was talking with him and he was feeling upset that I never took pictures of him anymore. Such is the life with siblings and the ups and downs of wanting to get the attention of your parents :)

Charanjeet the super smiley girl!

Self portrait with camera phone. Charanjeet loves looking at pictures on my phone so I take a bunch of us and then show them to her.

Narayan ready for school in the morning

Every morning Narayan does his meditation with me and Charanjeet normally comes and sits down with us and starts chanting her version of “wahegoodooo” and copying Narayan. It’s so cute seeing her with her eyes strained to stay closed and her chanting.

Charanjeet with a turban on at Gurdwara

Jooora! She loves having her hair up.

Party time.