SikhiToTheMax Version 2 Released

I’m sure most of you have been to a Gurdwara while Kirtan is being sung, and seen the Gurbani with a translation projected onto a screen. Isn’t this cool?? This is has changed the way that Gurdwaras in this modern age bring a deeper understanding of Gurbani to the sangat. In our Gurdwaras since the old days in the 70’s we didn’t have this and relied on hundreds and hundreds of shabad sheets which were put together, copied and then organized in file cabinets. They would then be handed out in the Gurdwara so that we could sing along with the Shabad and understand the meaning.

We have come a long way since then in the world! With the digitalization of Gurbani and various translations becoming available, the options for viewing and searching through Gurbani are limitless. What we can do and how we can view Gurbani is really only limited by our creativity and imagination…and taking the time to create something new.

One group of sevadhars has taken on this challenge, spending lots of time to create some awesome services; making Gurbani accessible in so many different ways. They started with the website which allows you to easily search for Gurbani Shabads with any computer connected to the internet and a basic web browser. They then released a software desktop version of SikhiToTheMax which allowed you to search and display Gurbani line by line in Gurdwaras. After that a PDA version was created so you could do Gurbani searches on the go…anywhere. I know of a few Ragis who use this cool tool. 

It’s been a few years since the release of the initial SikhiToTheMax desktop software, and the Sevadhars have been back on the job working hard to create a new version with even more features and functionality for the Sangat. The new version has been officially released and is available for you all to download. 

The new version is packed with lots of new features and a whole new user interface. Here are a few of the new features:

  • Interface has been changed to look like office 2007
  • Bhai Gurdas Jee’s Varan are now complete and corrected.
  • There is Compiled Bani option which includes Nitnem Banis and Sri Dasam Granth Banis
  • There is a Sri Dasam Granth Bani section, which includes fixes of the mistakes on online versions
  • Amrit Kirtan section has been updated
  • You can use your own Powerpoint slide
  • A Bisraam option has been added, so you know how to pause when reading Gurbani
  • Akhand Paath option has been enhanced
  • Hukamnamma option has been added and also Punjabi translations added
  • Tagging has been added
  • Creating PDF’s option is added
  • If you want to read the Bani joined up as it was originally written, you can have that option
  • When you view the Shabad you have the option to split view
  • You can save your searches
  • Several viewing options
  • Help section in English, Punjabi and PDF files to help in all areas of STTM 2
  • You can change the font size of everything in the Akhand paath mode and also other views.
  • Video tutorials and help options to show you how to use the program.

Watch the video tutorial – This will give you an overview of the new features and how to use the new version.More info also available here

Important! There are certain requirement for the program to run on your windows computer. Read the details before installing.  

Download SikhiToTheMax – Version 2

Don’t have windows or want to try a different program? Check out Sikher