SikhNet DVDs and Gurbani Audio CDs Now Available!

In 2007 SikhNet produced quite a few different media products which include the, "Inspiration Series" of short videos (many with Guruka Singh) that we have shown on SikhNet over the past few years, as well as 2006 and 2007 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival DVDs, and the "SikhNet Gurbani Collection" Audio CD of some of our favorite Gurbani. These are really great products and I highly recommend them all :)

These items were previously only available to SikhNet donors, and are now available for general purchase online. These are great gift items and allow you to enjoy high quality content in the comfort of your home. Plus, all profits from the purchase go to support SikhNet. So, don’t wait, by one….or buy the whole set for your collection, and enjoy!