A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

This weekend I watched a documentary that was very thought provoking.

The documentary examines the world’s dependency on oil and the impending chaos that’s sure to follow when the resource is depleted. Straight from the headlines, this hot-button topic may represent the world’s most dire crisis. Through expert interviews, the film spells out in startling detail the challenge we all face and underscores our desperate need for alternative energy.

Most of you who drive cars probably have experienced the much higher costs for gasoline in the past couple years. We tend to think smaller and just hope for better cars with higher gas mileage. This is only a drop in the bucket to solve the problems.


If you are like myself and most others you might not realize that the issue of oil goes much deeper and has a much larger impact then just gas for your car. Oil is used for just about everything (Well not everything….but more things then you think)! The one thing that this documentary made me more aware of is how dependent we are on oil for SO MANY THINGS (other than gas) and how we are locked into it without an alternative. I also had no idea that there is a great potential for this oil to be running out in the coming years (NOT 30-50 years) and not being able to keep up with our oil habit.

 We talk about problems related to global warming, but if there isn’t enough oil to supply the demand then we will see some MAJOR changed on this earth. Alternative fuel sources and a radical plan are desperately needed before things really do "crash".

I think it is important to be aware of things going on and I suggest that you watch this video if you can (Rent if from the video store, Netflix, or buy online). I for one like to be prepared…and hope you educate yourself as well. We can all help by making different choices in how we consume, getting involved in your political system, and praying for change.

You can watch a short video trailer about the documentary below and visit the Oil Crash Movie Website