Awakening to Leadership – Are You Ready?

The past few days I have been watching old videos of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji in dialog and question and answer sessions with Sikh Youth in various places. Here is one that I really enjoyed and highly recommend that you watch or listen to! I’ve already watched it at least five times in the course of editing and reviewing the videos and it really hit home for me so wanted to share with you all. 

In the video yogiji starts by talking about just "being" a Sikh verses experiencing and living as a Sikh (He related this in the terms he called "Concept" and "Conception"). He then talks about how Sikhs have been betrayed by the so called "Sikh Leadership" and how youth should not rely on them and BECOME the leaders themselves. He shares inspiring experiences from his youth before the partition of India when he was part of creating the All India Sikh Student Federation. He explains how the youth worked together and formed a powerful force with Sikhi as a base and through trust, honesty, equality. He shares the ingredients of what made this work and how youth of today can do this as well.

 After watching it makes you want get all your friends together and take action. Hopefully this video will inspire some of you to do something and benefit from this. It’s easy to watch the video and say "very good video"….. So, after you watch it, think about what you can do to take it from "Concept" to "Conception"! 

 The video looks like it was recorded at someone’s home and is from a very informal discussion with some Sikh youth in Bromwick, UK in 1992. The full recording is almost three hours long so I narrowed it down to one part of the discussion and is about 30 minutes long.

Download: Video (213MB) / Audio (17 MB)

 The above video/audio is just an excerpt from the full discussion which is about 2 hours and 40 minutes long. If you would like to hear the full discussion, you can download the audio file.