Sikhi and Our Youth

In the past I have posted quite a few audio lectures from Gurdwara by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji which I thought were very inspirational and educational (and have shaped who I am today). This weekend has been a very thoughtful and pensive weekend for me. I was not feeling so well so stayed home with daughter Charanjeet Kaur and watched quite a few old videos of lectures and questions and answer sessions with Sikh youth from England, Canada and USA. 

In the videos he answers many common questions related to Sikhi, and more specifically questions related to Sikhs of western origin. Normally most of his lectures are one way to the sangat in Gurdwara, so the ones I watched are very different because people ask questions and he answers them. As I have time I’ll watch them again and edit them down to smaller chunks so you all can benefit.


It’s interesting as I watch these videos and realize more and more how much slander, hatred, violence, abuse, and negativity Siri Singh Sahib and others from our community faced for over 25 years. People have become so set in their mis-understanding and judgment that they can’t accept or hear anything that he says. They just want to nit-pick at this and that. It’s kind of like when you are arguing and are so set in your opinion that you cannot hear the other person. Sometimes people complain that I give a lot of attention to Siri Singh Sahib and am always posting quotes and lectures by him. They are so caught up in the personality and their judgments that they miss the jewel of teachings that he shared with all of us. A teacher is a just a medium. It’s not about the person, it’s about the teachings. I have received countless emails from people that love the videos with Guruka Singh and others. The content of these videos is the result of the many years of learning and listening to SSS. It’s as if we have to sometimes re-package the "teachings" with a different face for some people to actually watch it and be ok with it. Myself and countless others have greatly benefited from how he taught Sikh Dharma. For someone who doesn’t speak Punjabi and is from western origin I don’t know of many other people that are as inspiring as he was, and was able to explain things in a way that someone like me could understand and relate to. So, for this reason I will continue to share this and whatever I find to be inspiring and useful to others. I know some might think of SikhNet as "3HO/Yogi Bhajan" but sadly those people have missed the boat and are the ones who are losing out. The sooner we are able to drop these mental divisions of "This sikh, that sikh, your sikh, my sikh, etc", the better. We have much to learn and I for one will do my best to share anything that I think might help you or others (no matter who or where it comes from).


Here is one of the videos which is an eleven minute excerpt on the topic of our youth and being a Sikh. This is from Dec. 29th 1988 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The video is mostly in English but switches into Punjabi from time to time.



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