Blog Header Pictures

You might have noticed the new pictures on the top of the blog. A random picture will display every time the page loads. I hope you like them. I have looking through my pictures finding different images which I think represent our local community (though so far they are mostly of kids and the youth). Even though I write and post lots of things un-related to our local sangat, the main purpose for having is to share "my world" and to promote better understanding of Sikhs who are not from Indian origin. This website is a personal (yet very public) online journal to share my family, experiences, thoughts, local sangat, and how we live as Sikhs. One of my goals with this website is to build bridges of understanding between the different Sikh communities (particularly Sikhs like myself who are not from a Punjabi Origin). There is so much mis-understanding in this world and my hope is that as you read articles, watch videos, Listen to audios, and look at pictures that you get to know us better. Hopefully you learn something new and share it with others.