New Blog Design

For a while I have been wanting to update the blog layout because it was too narrow and the page ended up being really long. Now there is lots more room and some other nice features. You might have noticed the "article browser" below the header picture which has a circle that you can drag left or right to view previous blog posts. Even as your scroll down the page this will stay at the top of your window. There is also a link that says "trim" which shrinks all the content down so you can see just the headlines. Other things you’ll see is that when you do a search or type search words the results will update on the left as you are typing (without the page refreshing or re-loading). This is the same for the "article browser" which updates the content below as you drag the bar without a page re-loading. When you post comments it will do the same. When I have some more time I’ll add in some other features (who has time these days??).


Here are SikhNet we are busy at work with "SikhNet 2.0" with a whole new design, backend system and content. Hopefully in the coming month we’ll be able to launch phase one of the "new SikhNet"…and then build upon it in the coming months. Back to work…..