Wallpaper Celebration

This morning I realized that the rest of the world was going to be celebrating valentines day. This holiday (like most) is not really religious (for most people at least) but a day when the guys are expected to do something sweet and nice for the girls in their life (wife, mother, sister, etc). So while I was meditating this morning I thought of making something creative to celebrate this day as a Sikh. I got excited and couldn’t hold myself back as the computer drew me to it like a magnet to iron. The result was three different wallpapers which you can see and download below. I hope you like them :)

Affirmations in Red
The first is in the theme of valentines day (red and hearts) with some different affirmations repeated in the background.

Affirmations - Heart - Red


Japji Sahib Translation
This second one is the complete Japji Sahib English translation done by Guruka Singh with an Ik Ong Kaar. It took me a while to get it to fit just right with everything. 

Japji Sahib Wallpaper
Affirmations in Green
The third is the same as the first one (affirmations), but green. I figured most guys wouldn’t want a pink/red wallpaper so this one was made in mind for any guys that don’t like the "girly" colors. 

Affirmations - Heart - Green  

Don’t know how to make a picture your computer wallpaper? Click on the picture to view the full size. Then right click on the picture and a menu will come with the option "Set as Desktop Background" or "Set as Background". Select that and voila, it should be on your background.