Another Weekend

Messy Face Charanjeet Kaur after having a snack of jam and cashew button on a rice cracker.

She didn’t bother with the rice cracker and just licked off all the jam (thus the messy face). The joys of being a kid and not worrying about being neat and clean! Hahaha…

The new style of reading books up-side down.

Fun in the tub. Looking for sea life…

On Saturday morning me and Narayan went to the Gurdwara to do Ishnaan Seva. Everything is removed from the Gurdwara and totally cleaned. The carpets are vacuumed and rolled up and then we wash the marble floors with water.


Prabhu, Narayan and Ravinder washing the area were Guruji sits.


I thought it looked pretty cool and very different totally empty as apposed to the full Gurdwara. It was quite nice being there in the morning doing this seva, and Narayan was doing such a great job helping with everything.

During the cleaning we move the two Siri Guru Granth Sahib’s to a different location. It was quite a feeling to hold the Siri Guru Granth Sahib on my head. There was something about the magnificence and and spirit of our Guruji that really touched me. It caught me by surprise since I don’t think I have ever carried Guruji before. It’s probably a similar feeling for someone to take their first hukamnama.

It was a good weekend. (The power supply on my computer died off on Sunday, so I wasn’t able to post the pictures till today when I get a replacement)