Beautiful Amrit Vela

The past few weeks have been great in a very different way for me. I recently started getting solid with getting up early and doing my sadhana and it feels awesome! Cutting out all the TV watching and spending much more time in meditation and doing banis really changes a lot in how I feel and react during the day. I used to feel a bit of monotony from work and daily chores of dealing with kids and house stuff. But now it feels like I have so much more time, and my day centers around the time in the early morning when I get to "connect with my soul". My life feels more real and less about the daily comings and goings. It’s a pretty cool feeling. (Of course the challenge is to maintain this and keep up!).

In the past there were always things that pulled me away and made it difficult to get up early and have this time for myself. For whatever reason the circumstances and my will to have this time was just right. I was telling my wife last night how odd it felt for me to be ready to go to sleep at around 8-8:30pm. And I was actually excited to get to sleep, so that I could get up early! In the past my way of relaxing and disconnecting from work was to watch TV at night (which often went late). This has been replaced with something much more fulfilling! Today I realized that I need to even wake up earlier in order to fit everything in….since Charanjeet wakes up around 6am…so have to be mostly finished by that time. So, I think tomorrow I’ll wake at 3:30am. It’s starting to become more of a habit to wake up which is great, so it is not a "mind struggle" anymore and I just wake up.

  • I start the morning with brushing teeth and taking a Cold Shower while massaging my body.
  • I then do Japji sahib and continue till I finish my morning banis. Sometimes If I am getting sleepy I do some yoga in between to get my energy moving.
  • I then do some Kundalini Yoga (Ten Bodies Set: pg1, pg2) which gets my body "tuned up" for the day.
  • I then end with about 60 minutes of meditation (Long Ek Ong Kaar, Waheguru Simran and other Mantras using the CD by Chardikala Jatha which is energetic and easy to sing along with). That’s almost 3 hours which seems to fly by!

For me, having this full practice is really balanced and a great experience. The shower wakes you up and gets your circulation going. Then the banis create a wonderful vibration and feeling inside me…like my spiritual batteries being recharged. Then the yoga deals with my physical body and tunes me up, and then taking all this and going inside and meditating. I’m ready and set for the day!

It feels like I have just discovered something, when I know lots of people probably have this experience every morning, and it’s not like I haven’t had an Amrit vela practice before….but something feels different this time. Hopefully some of you who have been wanting to get up early take the step and try it out! "That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

There is something special about the Amrit Vela time that cannot be replaced at any other time. Those of you that get up in the Amrit vela…what do you do at this time? I’m curious how different people spend this time.