Amrit Vela Sadhana – Back On Track

During the past months it’s been really hard for me to get up early in the morning and have a regular spiritual practice. I felt like every day was finishing a marathon between work and family duties, so by the time all my "duties" were done after 9pm I just wanted to disconnect from the world and veg out on the couch watching TV shows that I had recorded earlier. I then got caught up in the habit of doing this (watching TV at night) and it became harder to stop. It wouldn’t be a bad thing….but when you have a full season of a TV episodes and they leave you hanging at the end of one, you just can’t help watching another….. and then another….and another. It becomes a common mental mantra to think "Just one more" after a show ends… hahaha. If I stayed up late there was no way I was going to be able to get up early in the morning for my Sadhana. I have to get up around 4AM in order to have enough time to do banis, yoga and meditate. Once Charanjeet wakes up (5:30-6:30am) then I’m pulled back into family duties.

Mid December I took a much needed vacation. This break from my norm allowed me to break my normal cycles (plus, I was running out of the good TV shows to watch! hahaha). When I got home right before the new year I was determined to "MAKE IT HAPPEN" and get back into my spiritual practice. My dirty house (my mind) was starting to get cluttered and in much need of cleaning! (there is no hiring a cleaning person for this cleaning task). Now that I made the commitment I have been back on track going to sleep early (as close to 9PM as possible) and waking up at 4am.

Now that we are in the middle of winter the water is amazingly cold (which is a good thing)! When I get up I head straight for the cold shower. It’s one of those things that I have to psych myself up for (even though it makes me feel awesome!). I massage almond oil on my body before taking a shower, and then take some deep breaths before taking the plunge in and out of the water while continuously massaging all the parts of my body. After about 4-5 times my body starts to warm up as the blood flushes to every part of my body. It feels CHARDIKALA!!! Wahe-GUROOO!!! It’s extremely healthy to take cold showers when done properly.

When the cold water hits the surface of your skin (which has four layers) all the blood from way deep inside your body rushes to the surface in self-defense, vastly improving your circulation on the spot. This is called Hydrotherapy. It strengthens your entire nervous system. People pay huge sums of money for what is now called "Hydrothermal therapy" when in reality all you need is cold water! Everyone in my house is sick right now except for me (which I attribute to my cold showers). Read more about this and watch a video with Guruka Singh talking about cold showers.

It feels so great to be BACK! When I don’t make time to meditate in the early morning things are just so much harder. I guess when I am used to meditating, and then stop doing so, I really notice a difference in my state of being. Now that I am back on track….I can invite and encourage you all to make an extra effort to build your existing amrit vela (early morning) practice, or start afresh (if you are not doing anything right now). 2008 is here and what better time to make a commitment to work on yourself!

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