Espanola Happenings

Espanola, New Mexico is a small town so there is not very much to do compared with big cities. One of the nice things about having the sangat here is that it is very cozy and everyone gets together often. Throughout the year there is always something happening at someone’s house. It’s like a big family and everyone is almost always invited. So when someone has a birthday (which is often) there is normally a meditation/chanting/kirtan; and then of course, food and socializing. There always seems to be something that is a reason to have Kirtan and/or meditation at someone’s house. For example, before Guru Gobind Singh ji’s birthday every night (for a few weeks) someone different in the sangat hosted Rehiras, Kirtan and food at their home. There is something sweet about getting together in people’s homes and being together in this way. Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

Gurujot Singh, Hari Singh and Others chanting as we meditate to Gurbani Kirtan at someone’s house.

Matamander Singh playing some beautiful kirtan.


[photopress:IMG_0312.JPG,full,centered] Charanjeet with Prabhu Singh (known to Charanjeet as "paboo!").

Funny picture of charanjeet being silly and holding the lid of the blender in her mouth.

The family…

Prabhujot Singh

Narayan with his hair down