Still on Vacation in Florida…

Sweet smiles

Well I’m still here in Florida, however being in Orlando in the city is quite a different experience than being in Lake Wales Florida at the Winter Solstice Camp. This is probably the most crowded time to be in Orlando. We went out the other day to go to the mall and after hitting the mass crowds we are still recovering. We tried to lay low yesterday "recovering" from that outing. Going to amusement parks with huge crowds is so draining! Last year we went to the various Disney parks (Animal Kingdom, Epcott Center and Magic Kingdom) which was more than enough. Disney has it worked out to a science to grease as much money out of you as possible (taking full advantage of you being tired and having whiny sugared up kids). Now that I am here again this year and see the even larger crowds than last year I don’t want to go anywhere. Looking outside my room window I can see the crowds of people constantly streaming by and the cars jammed up trying to go somewhere. Well, it was worth it coming to this side of the country for Winter Solstice. That hit the spot. It was so relaxing and chilled out this year.

So, I’m a bit stuck in my room right now; Charanjeet isn’t feeling that good this morning so she is sleeping as I type here in the room. Narayan is going to go out with his grandfather to the driving range and maybe play some Golf. I guess it might be another dull day in sunny Orlando. It supposed to be about  82°F / 28°C  today so it should be quite warm. Quite a contrast to back home where it is probably pretty cold and maybe snowy.

I’m already missing quiet little Espanola. This place (and most big cities) is Maya city! Living in a small town I sometimes forget how things are for the rest of Americans. It can be so sad looking around at the American consumerism and waste. It’s a constant trying to "look cool" and competition with everyone around. Who has the nicest car, cell phone, clothes, looks the prettiest…etc..etc. It’s so shallow. People never seem to be satisfied with what they have and who they are. The sad part is that our society drives this craze. One of the benefits of living in Espanola is that you are not constantly hit up by this maya and the want to buy something. Life is a bit simpler since there are no malls, shopping centers (other than the evil Walmart). There isn’t much to do (city wise) other than sports, outdoors stuff and hanging out with friends. I suppose I am also in a different stage of life than many younger people, since I am married and have kids. Being in a city can fun for some time, but I prefer smaller places to live. For me living in a sangat of like minded people is most important. Check out this thought provoking video called "The Story of Stuff".

2008 is almost here and another year has whizzed by. At this rate I’ll be a grandfather before I know it and we’ll be taking vacations to mars. I’m looking forward to this next year…