Winter Solstice (Florida)

Thanks to technology….I can be in my tent on a computer by the lake at the "Circle F dude ranch", and listen to SikhNet Radio while I post this online.  Here I am in Florida at the Winter Solstice camp with my son Narayan, along with about 500 other people. Narayan has been having such a fun time. By the time we get back to our tent at night he is fast asleep within seconds. Tomorrow will be another fun filled day for him again.

It’s been great here meeting with so many new people and having lots of time to meditate and relax. Here are a few pictures that I took from the past day or so…

The lake at sunset…

Narayan making a volcano in the sand


Tenting area…

Snatam Kaur and her husband

One of the big tents where we did the white tantric yoga/meditation (during a break)

Kayaking in the lake
In the afternoon mostly the guys playing volleyball.

[photopress:IMG_0487.jpg,full,centered] Jumping into the lake from high up.

Narayan being covered in sand by Prabhujot

An evening program that the kids did for Winter Solstice