The Grace of God

"Don’t be proud that you have money; there are millions and millions of millionaires. Don’t be proud that you have a beautiful woman or man; each woman or man is more beautiful than the next. Don’t be proud that you have children; there are people who have dozens of them. And don’t be proud of what you have; in the spur of the moment what you have can be washed away.

You can be only proud of one thing – if you have found your soul within yourself. You can be only proud that you have found the selflessness within yourself, and you become grace of God. Then there is nothing which can bother you, there is nothing which can take away from you anything, because you have been created by God. God shall then create all the circumstances to create happiness for you and when he creates the happiness it is everlasting.

Therefore, dear ones, as nearer we are coming to the summer solstice the highest day of light, the highest day of grace, the highest day when the sun energy, the life force prevails on this planet, I’d like you to sit down and assess in yourself what you have gained, how much you have gained. Let this day be a day with you that you should leave something behind, some elementary pushing habit, some ego habit, something that keeps you away from your soul and being victorious.

May God bless you, may He prevail through you, may His grace be your grace, may you become the true teacher of the coming Aquarian Age, may you move forward to spread the truth and the light to the humanity. May each one in you practice the grace of God and become grace of God." – SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa – June 19, 1971 (Summer Solstice Camp)