Charanjeet on the Weekend

What can I say, haven’t had much time these days to do much blogging. Family life really changes things. Those of you who have kids will know what I mean! It can be quite challenging juggling everything (I guess that’s why one becomes a "black belt" when having kids).

Winter is definitely a slow-down time for me. I normally take some vacation time and have a chance to relax with family. I’m looking forward to being at the Winter Solstice Camp in Florida in a couple of weeks and then hanging out with family afterwards. We might go skiing/snowboarding next weekend so that will be fun!

Anyways…here are some pictures from this weekend. I stopped posting pictures as often because I figured people would get tired of seeing the many faces of Charanjeet and Narayan (but also it’s been harder getting unique pictures of them). Narayan has gotten so used to me taking pictures that either he tries "escape" the camera…or he does his fake smile. It takes extra effort and techniques to squeeze out a real smile. Charanjeet is still so fresh and fun to take pictures of, but she moves fast so it can be hard to capture.

[photopress:IMG_0241.JPG,full,centered] Charanjeet kaur coming to me to show her new turban. I love this picture. She normally has a smile on her face….but this one is so focused "old".


Playing with toys. She now has long enough hair to have a joora. We have a punjabi kids book and she calls it "joora" because one of the pictures has a sikh kid with a joora.

[photopress:IMG_0201.JPG,full,centered] Narayan listening to MP3 files on my cell phone. It seems that I hardly get any pictures of him anymore. He doesn’t let me get pictures like I used to. He is growing up fast. It seems like yesterday he was like charanjeet.

Charanjeet at a friends breakfast party.

[photopress:IMG_0170.JPG,full,centered] Aditya and a friend of his from school recording some video. He has been working on a documentary for his final school project  (masters thesis) about some western Sikhs and school in India. (I’m sure he could summarize it better though). It’s mostly of kids from my class (myself included). It will be interesting to watch this.

You… yes you! (Gurudarbar Singh checking out the camera)

Getting ready for the day. A quick self portrait.

A normal Charanjeet face :)

Charanjeet giving a kiss.

As she would say "Cozy". She loves getting "cozy" and getting a blanket and lying down.


Cute oriental dress for Gurdwara.

Charanjeet and her friend Amar Singh who was watching her as I made paper airplanes for the kids


Karamvir holding Charanjeet