A Great Investment

SikhNet StaffIt sure seems to be quiet with comments since I posted the message about the SikhNet fundraiser. Did everyone go on vacation? Hahaha. Guruka, Gurujot and myself have been busy gearing up with materials that we hope will inspire you all to support the work that SikhNet is doing

Here is part of a cute email that I just got from a young Kaur who I think lives in New Zealand:

"I read the appeal about Sikhnet Fundraiser…..Sikhnet has touched and helped me grow spiritually in countless ways and a donation of any amount can never substitute what I get from Sikhnet!!

I really want to donate something but I am a student, don’t work, so basically quite poor. I live at a hostel and next week I am going home to my parents so I’ll try and see what we can put together…so hopefully we’ll be able to donate sometime next week…just wanted to let you know coz everytime I visit Sikhnet and ignore the fundraiser appeal and I felt soo guilty! So by sending you this email I’ve justified my reason to Sikhnet and Waheguru (so hopefullywont feel so guilty next time)."

So, all of you who are reading this, please don’t pass off this opportunity to give amounts large and small which will multiply to serve hundreds of thousands of people around the world. What a great investment that you can make to serving and uplift humanity! – Don’t delay, Invest in SikhNet right now!