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 Guess what?! It’s that time of the year! Yes….I’m sure you guessed it; the time to show your support to SikhNet. I know most of you enjoy the content on along with the many services that SikhNet offers, however your support is crucial for us to continue. SikhNet does not receive regular funding from any other for-profit or non-profit business. It is supported almost entirely through your generous donations. Your ongoing support is what keeps SikhNet alive and growing. Every donation, no matter how large or small is deeply appreciated. 

Since its debut on the Web in 1995, SikhNet has grown and been able to offer new services and resources very year. Although our work has increased each year, our staff has not. In 2008 we want to take SikhNet to the next level of service and reach an ever wider audience. This will require new staffing and new infrastructure. Along with many other things, our plans for 2008 include regularly produced SikhNet programs for television broadcast in both the USA and India along with the production of new inspirational and educational DVDs related to spirituality, consciousness and Sikhi. We need your generous support to enable us to make this leap.

This year we are honored to be able to send SikhNet supporters a very unique gift from SikhNet.

Here at SikhNet, we’ve had many requests to make the "Inspirations" series of videos on Sikhi available on DVD. Although a lot of work is involved in editing and production, we have finally gone ahead and done the work required to make them available to you. The DVD series is currently under production and will be available to SikhNet Supporters soon. There are five volumes (5 DVDs) containing over sixty (60) high-quality videos. Find out more about the DVD series and how you can get one or all of the DVD volumes! 

We have also put together a new SikhNet Gurbani Audio CD Album. This is an Audio CD collection of Gurbani recordings from musicians all over the world. The tracks featured on this CD are a collection of the SikhNet staff favorites. The CD is great to meditate with, listen to at work, or just about any other time!


Ps. You can also really help SikhNet also by emailing and talking to your friends/family about SikhNet. We need all the support we can get! Everyone can help raise funds for SikhNet by encouraging those that you know to give support.