Server Crash Again (Different Server) Back up though…

It’s been a rough week or so. It seems that everything (Especially computers) are crashing in my world. The main SikhNet server crashed last week from hard drive data corruption. 24 hours of work and we got it back up again. My home computer had a crucial system file that just disappeared monday morning all of a sudden after I rebooted the computer and it wouldn’t start up. Luckily  I was able to resolve this problem without too much pain. Yesterday the second SikhNet (linux) server crashed and I’ve been working on getting it back up since last night. It’s not like I’m installing weird stuff or even doing anything. 

11 Years of running SikhNet and I have never had this many issues all at once . We used to have hosting with which is an awesome hosting company. They are so on top of things and so professional. Like they advertise everywhere….they have "Fanatical support". This level of service and support comes at a premium price though (It cost us around $3,000/month for our two dedicated services, firewall, backup, and loads of bandwidth needed to host sikhnet). We hosted with them for over three years (happily), but had to move our servers to discount hosting companies to cut costs as a result of declining revenue for SikhNet. In the past most of our funding came from the service. With all the shaadi competition in the market, slowly the major competitors have pinched SikhNet’s funding. Our focus changed from providing and creating commercial fee type services, to serving more and helping inspire people. Our hope was that we would transition to community support in a larger way (ie: donations from sangat like you who use SikhNet). Anways, this is still in transition….and we have been trying to kick of our annual fundraiser for SikhNet, but some issue or the other keeps popping up.

Well, I should get off the computer. My eyes are getting glazed and it’s time to rest a bit. Pray for a smooth sailing from now on for the SikhNet servers and SikhNet in general!