Guru Gadhi Day in Espanola

Today our sangat celebrated Guru Gadhi Day (The day when the Siri Guru Granth Sahib became the Guru for the Sikhs). We started with a yummy breakfast hosted by Sat Want Singh and Kaur and then had a Nagar Kirtan procession to the Gurdwara. Winter really is starting to set in! It was quite windy today so it was very cold being outside. Brrrr….

This year the children again made an offering to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Each child had a square cloth which they painted or drew on and was then sewn together to make a ramalla for the Guru. Then today during Gurdwara the kids together presented it to the Guru and placed the ramalla on the Guru. They all looked so proud. I love things like this that get the kids involved in our celebrations and help teach them. Too often the kids take a back seat and don’t have a chance to be involved. Here are a few pictures.


Nagar Kirtan Procession

Some of the kids sitting on the truck

Harogbind Kaur looking beautiful. (it’s also her birthday)

Siri Chand and Gurujot watching the kids do some Gatka.