New CDs from Chardikala Jatha

This summer Chardikala Jatha released two great new CDs! They haven’t been online for sale so I didn’t mention it earlier. Many of you have seen videos of them teaching, playing kirtan at Harimandir Sahib, Chardikala Jatha Mantras from Jaap Sahib CDor downloaded live mp3 files of live recordings. I have received many emails of people asking about CDs, so hear you go!

The first CD is "Mantras from Jaap Sahib". The length of the tracks are 31 minutes, 31 min and 11 minutes which are ideal times for meditating. The first track is Ajai Alai, then Gobinday Mukhanday, and last is Chatar Chakar Varti. The mantras are played in a very up-beat and energetic pace great for meditation. You can order the CD and hear audio samples here.

The second CD is a Sadhana Music CD meant for meditation in the morning. The CD includes seven different audio tracks for chanting with. This is one of the CDs that I meditate and chant along with in the morning. It is sung in classical raag and has beautiful instrumentation. Some of the tracks are: Mul Mantra, Rakhe Rakhan Haar and Waheguru Simran. You can order the CD and hear audio samples here.

If you don’t already have their older CDs you can also check out: