This weekend Prabhu Singh leant me the DVD of a movie called "Zeitgeist". Last night I watched it, and it was quite an eye opener. All the information is a bit overwhelming and reminds me of the feeling I got when I was very young and saw part of a movie on "Nostradamus" who predicted a world war III. Before that I never really know of such things and I was so innocent.

The Zeitgeist movie is not about predictions or seeing the future. It’s about evaluating the past and present and how religion is used to control societies, and wars are made to profit.

Too much these days we are passive and just let our governments and people in power take more and more of our rights.

Watch Part 1 – The Greatest Story Ever Told

Watch Part 2 – All The World’s A Stage 

Watch Part 3 – Don’t mind the men behind the curtain

You can also watch the full movie or download a high quality version from the official website: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com 

"Zeitgeist was creted as a non-profit filmiac expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are.  The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on this site lists the basic sources used / referenced.  Soon, an Interactive Transcript will be online with detailed footnotes and links so exact sources and further research can be relayed.

Now, it’s important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed.  For example, some information contained in Part 1 and Part 3, specifically, is not obtained by simple keyword searches on the Internet.  You have to dig deeper.  For instance, very often people who look up "Horus" or "The Federal Reserve" on the Internet draw their conclusions from very general or biased sources.  Online encyclopedias or text book Encyclopedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist.  However, if one takes the time to read the sources provided, they will find that what is being presented is based on documented evidence.  Any corrections, clarifications & further points regarding the film are found on the Clarifications page.

That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized." – From the Zeitgeist Website