Charanjeet Kaur – 15 months

Well, Narayan is older now (6 yrs) and won’t let me get picture of him that often, so all the pictures these days seem to only be of Charanjeet Kaur.

Charanjeet is 15 months old and is running all over the place. She is a pretty smart kid and remembers lots of things. A few of  her latest words that she says often are: Ek Ong Kaar, Kanga (the comb), Wazo ("bird" in french), Naris ("nose" in spanish). Whenever she sees a picture of one of the Guru’s she says "ekongar". She loves pictures so much. Also, whenever she sees a picture of a baby (or her brother), she get’s soo excited (bubbling with joy)!

One funny thing is that, no matter how much I try to have her call me "Papa" she always calls me "Mamma" (mother). So I guess I am momma #2. She knows me as papa….but she won’t call me by that name. I’ve started to get used to being Mamma. So, if you are with me and hear hear shouting for Momma then know it might be for me.

Morning Breakfast Smiles 

Charanjeet is about 15 months old now and she is starting to want to do more things on her own. We got table and chairs from a friend and she loves to sit and eat this way. I love it when Narayan joins her.

More Breakfast smiles

Today I went with the kids to visit our horse and go for a ride. Here is a picture of Charanjeet walking along the side of the barn.

The kids love to walk around in the hills. Me and Charanjeet followed Narayan and his friends up in the hills. Here is Charanjeet with a view of the mountains behind.