Channel M News Interview about SikhNet (Vancouver)

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During my recent visit to Vancouver, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the Channel M News and talk a bit about SikhNet and the Youth Online Film Festival. Roma Kaur (Channel M Punjabi News Producer and Kaurs Magazine editor) wanted me to talk in Hindi/Punjabi, so I did my best to squeeze some in. My vocabulary isn’t that extensive so I couldn’t really express myself properly without using english. When I was in boarding school in India (1983-1993) our school was located in Uttar Pradesh (Dehradun/Mussoorie) so most people only spoke hindi. We did learn how to read punjabi….but our teacher wasn’t that great so we hardly learnt much conversational Punjabi. After my visit to Vancouver I felt that I really do want to continue to learn Punjabi and Hindi. There are not really any people here to talk with in Espanola, but I figured I could find a Skype buddy and we could have conversations in Punjabi/Hindi to get practice.