Choices (by Gurujot Singh)

Here is another one of my video favorites from the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Like many of the good videos…it only took a short period of time to do the recording of the video….and then TONS of hours and lots of late nights editing the video. I’m surprised how well he pulled off this video given the short amount of time. This is Gurujot Singh’s first real video and he did an awesome job! It’s quite funny too :)

In this video: "A Sikh gets accosted by an angry man accusing him of being a terrorist/foreigner. In his mind he goes through scenarios of different ways he could react to the person. The first is to get angry, the second is to try to not look like a Sikh and fit in. In the third scenario he becomes neutral and teaches the man about what it means to be a Sikh.
This short film is done in a comedic fashion, but it also has a moral: As Sikhs we must compassionately educate others about us to end discrimination instead of getting angry or dejected."

I found it interesting seeing the differences between the other video titled "The Identity" which shows a Sikh guy being recognized every where as "Mr Singh". In that video…everyone knows who he is and that he is a Sikh, whereas in this video the guy doesn’t have a clue who Sikhs are….and thinks he is from the middle east.