One Light (A Video by 13 year old Angad Singh)

Angad Singh

The SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival has begun! We received about 40 videos from all over the world and every day we will feature a few of them for you all to watch. Here is one of my first picks by a 13 year old named Angad Singh. 

One Light celebrates the oneness of all people in the footsteps of Guru Nanak who traveled thousands of miles and reached millions of people in the conflicted world to impart the message of One God, One humanity.

In this film a 13 year old from suburban Atlanta takes on a project to educate his neighbors about himself as a Sikh and to learn about them as well. The mission is to connect with them – drawing on similarities, and inspiring everyone to take a baby step in the direction of making this world a friendlier place by education, connection and inspiration.

Read Angad Singh’s blog where he talks about this video project in more detail: