World’s largest turban?

Nihang Singh

"This is Major Singh wearing a major turban – purported to be the biggest in the world at 30kg and 400 meters of cloth. He hopes it will be a source of inspiration to young Sikh boys who are opting for having their hair cut rather than covering it.

The larger the turban the higher the status, but part of the forehead must be left exposed so that skin can touch the ground when in prayer.

For Sikhs the headgear is seen as Guru Nanak’s gift, a crown marking them out as dedicated to their higher consciousness. 

There’s a great site here with videos of how to tie one and a useful digest of what the headdress means in different religions.

On the site Rate My Turban – hat tip Tom Whitwell Times Online Communities Editor – it’s possible to rate, view, and upload your own turban pics."