SikhNet Film Festival Videos from Every Continent?

Many of you have helped with spreading the word about the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival, but have you seriously thought of actually making a video? Yes, YOU!  We are hoping to get video submissions from all over the world! Most of the video submissions that we got in 2006 were from the USA. What about you in the rest of the world? I know at least the UK, India and Canada have SO MANY Sikhs…yet not much participation. So…no more stalling….start thinking, and be "The One" who submits a video from your country!

Singapore, Malaysia, India, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Africa, Australia, South America, Mexico, Thailand, New Zealand, France… show us the videos!

    Don’t delay…there is still time left! 44 Days till the submission deadline. 

    Ps. If you are making a video, please post a comment and let us know where you are from :)