Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu (Teacher of Chardikala Jatha)

Many of you have seen or heard of Chardikala Jatha who are quite inspiring and do amazing kirtan. You might have wondered where they have learned to do raag kirtan? For quite a few years they have been studying music in Amritsar. This summer we were very fortunate to  have a visit with  their  teachers Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu and  Ustad Murli Manohar (tabla).  I have met them a few times in  India but never had a chance to hear them play kirtan. Apparently  he doesn’t do recordings so  I guess  we were able to get the first recordings of  him doing kirtan  during his visit. The week of the Summer Solstice Camp

Summer Solstice Camp – Rensabai Kirtan

he played quite a few times. It was an amazing experience to listen to live. There was so much energy! The voice of Ustad and the skill in the tablas was awesome! I enjoyed it all so much. 

He taught  classes for a week to anyone that wanted to learn and by the end his voice was going out (so much singing). It is also quite dry here which is probably very different for him then the humid Amritsar climate. Two of the tracks are from when his voice was going out, but even with his voice out I could hardly tell till the very last shabad (which I didn’t post).

So enjoy listening and downloading the kirtan!

Summer Solstice Camp


Ps. If you have problems downloading by clicking on the down arrow next to each of the audios in the above player you can go here to download.