Wedding of Siri Amrit Singh and Nirinjan Kaur


A week or so ago my good friend Siri Amrit Singh got married to Nirinjan Kaur here in Espanola. It was a great wedding and there were so many people here to celebrate with them. I took lots of pictures so have a few to share with you all. Check them out by clicking the following link.

Siri Amrit Singh and His wife to be, Nirinjan Kaur



Baltej Singh visiting from Canada for the wedding.

My son Narayan on Uncle Dharam’s back

My friends Gurumeet Kaur, Sat Nam Singh and their kids.




Snatam Kaur and Jatha

The beautiful bride, Nirinjan Kaur


Gurudham Singh carrying his daughter on his back.

Jugat Guru Singh (CK Jatha) and his family



The fathers

The Mothers



"Hmmm… how many can I fit on my plate…?"

Super Cool guys

No, wait…these are the super cool guys.



Hari and Prabhu Singh ready for their performance


Hai Hai!

It got so hot in the afternoon outside that the wedding cake started to melt. You can see the side of the cake falling off.



Narayan and his Uncles