Time off in New York

I’ve been in New York visiting with my family and having a chance to relax away from work. It’s nice having a break and getting away. Here are a few pictures from today as we played at the park and just took it easy.

Up close and personal with Charanjeet. If you look close you can see the reflection of me in her eyes.

Narayan and his friends the morning after a sleep over at our house. They look pretty wild don’t they :)

Arjan and Narayan riding on the back of the bike, Indian style. Heading to the park for some fun.


Charanjeet loves to climb. Here she is climbing this big slide.

Charanjeet loves animals. Whenever she saw a pigeon should would chase after it trying to get closer to it. She would get very excited watching the birds.

Narayan watching the kids play "red rover".

A rare picture that I am in, with Charanjeet on the swings.


Super Cutey