Will the Guru’s Sikhs please stand up?

    Opinion post by my friend Gurujot Singh:

As I have been watching this drama around Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim I constantly find myself filled with mixed feelings. On one hand this man is insulting the Guru and making a mockery of things I hold sacred. On the other hand, the reaction from other Sikhs has been disappointing.

What Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim has done wrong:

Like so many other so-called "sants", he has set himself up as a spiritual authority, without the personal spiritual capacity, and has misled thousands of people.
He started administering Amrit with 7 piaras instead of 5. Are we to believe that someone can one-up Guru Gobind Singh? This is ridiculous and insulting.

He has presented himself as Guru Gobind Singh by dressing like him, and imitating the Amrit Sanchar of 1699. This makes a mockery of something we hold as our highest ideal.
He has been accused of rape and murder. If he is a rapist and murderer, have him arrested and let’s wait for him to be proven guilty in court and sent to jail. I’m not claiming that he’s not a rapist and murderer, but I have not heard of any real evidence and we should leave that up to the authorities.

What Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim may have done right:
He is in charge of the Sacha Sauada organization which has lots of charitable facilities including free hospitals – however, it is difficult to know where his funding has come from to support all these activities. At this point, it appears to be suspiciously political.

Now the second part of this story is what troubles me more than the actions of this man; the way the Sikhs have been manipulated into an internal political play. This issue has been given instant, high-level press coverage, goading the Sikhs into a response. That also is very suspicious to me. I know that idiot and shameless people don’t think twice about insulting the Guru – and the press turn their heads with disregard. But this has become a national sensation – overnight! It appears that the Sikhs have been provoked into an escalating response of anger and violence. We are being manipulated for political purposes, and we continue to rush forward with our eyes closed.

I’ve seen pictures of Singhs beating displays of Ram Rahim with their shoes. Sikhs have burned down Ram Rahim’s facilities, which were used to provide hospice to the needy. Now there are thousands of angry Sikhs out there who want this guy dead. There is a bounty out for this man’s life, such that anyone who kills him will get their weight in gold. This is not from a movie, this is actually happening. There are many protests, road blockades, and strikes going on in Punjab. Protesters have clashed with police, and more than 100 people have been injured.

The part that really bothers me is that righteous Sikhs have actually killed others because of this matter. This is an insult to the Kirpan and against the teachings of our Guru. The Kirpan must not be used out of anger, vengeance, politics etc. It must be used out of defense and compassion. I am in shock that another 1984 is looming and the whole Khalsa Panth is being dragged into it.

The older generation of Sikhs are seeing their youth chopping their hair left and right, and don’t understand why. They don’t realize that instilling these cultural and political views into their children that they won’t be inspired to live as Gursikhs. We are not going to save our religion by killing someone. The youth are leaving because they don’t know the reasons for keeping their hair, and they are not seeing anyone who keeps their hair that they can look up to. The problem is not that Ram Rahim will single handedly destroy Sikhism, the problem is there is no one showing leadership. So let’s address the real issue.

As Sikhs our Guru is the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. We should look there for guidance. I am reminded of a quote from Asa Di Var. “Moorakhai Naal Na Lukhieeai” – “Don’t argue with fools”. It seems that this man called Ram Rahim is a fool, and we are fools for being goaded by him. NO ONE can corrupt Sikhism. NO ONE can corrupt the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. NO ONE can corrupt the faith of the Gursikhs. The Guru is everywhere and the Guru is watching all of this unfolding. This is a test to see what we will do, and how we will hold ourselves. I think a lot of people are failing the test by falling into anger and vengeance, and a desperate attempt to save something that they themselves are destroying.

Ram Rahim may be able to fool some people, but the core of Sikhism will live on by its purity. “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh” – “The pure ones belongs to God, and Victory belongs to God”. We don’t have to worry about the purity of Sikhism it will live on in those who are pure. Those who use Sikhi for their own politics will fall by the weight of their own karma. We don’t need to attack Ram Rahim, because the Guru’s Court is so pure that it purges itself.

The way to keep Sikhism going is not by preaching the doctrine of hate. The way is to be inspired, and inspire others with the truth. We need to EDUCATE AND INSPIRE the youth, not rile them up into a violent frenzy. Love is the way of purity, not vengeance, violence, and hate.

Guru Gobind protected his Dharma, but he did it while loving his enemy. Guru Gobind Singh could fight and kill, and in his greatness he had the ability to be completely compassionate to those he fought against. He fought in self defense, and he fought as a last option.

So if you are not attached to your anger please stand up! Be pure, be compassionate, and do the right thing as guided by the Jot (universal light) inside you. Let’s spend less time in controversy and more time in meditation. Let’s do less discrediting of the false and more honoring of the Truth. Let’s be less reactive, and more strategic. Let’s be less angry and more compassionate.

Oh, Guru Ram Das, I know that you will make done what needs to be done. Shower your compassion on friend and foe alike.

Humbly – Gurujot Singh Khalsa