Inspiration Videos in Punjabi?

I have received countless emails of appreciation relating to the many videos that we have made for /  A large portion of the videos are short interviews with Guruka Singh Khalsa on all different topics related to being a Sikh. One thing which we would like to do is create a VCD or DVD which could be freely given out in Punjab to help inspire the youth and help give them some direction. I think this would also help deal with the drug problem, because one factor for getting into drugs is emptiness, unhappiness and lack of purpose in life. We already created a DVD which has the videos from the first year, however they are all in English. We also would like to get these videos on TV channels that have a Punjabi/Sikh Audience. In order to do so we would need punjabi versions also. So, the first task at hand is to translate the audio from each of the videos into Punjabi. Then we would use the translation to record a Punjabi audio track which could be added to the video (or as a punjabi sub-title)

This is one of the many projects that we would like to do here at SikhNet, but do need help from the sangat. You can help with this project if you are fluent in English and Punjabi and willing to translate some of the videos into Punjabi. We would need one or two other people who can review the translations and make comments or corrections (since translations can be done in many ways).

If any of you want to be a part of this seva let me know.