Challenging Times…

If you have been a regular visitor of you have probably noticed things slowing down quite a bit. I used to post something almost every day. I love blogging and sharing with the world, but these past five + months have been a serious challenge. Come to think of it, ever since I had a second child and started the virtual group 40 day sadhana with many of you it’s been an uphill "battle" both personally and at work.

Here are SikhNet we used to have more people helping with projects. Now it is just Gurujot Singh, myself and Guruka Singh (part time). We are missing Joginder Singh who worked with us at SikhNet for many years and has moved to Columbus, Ohio. Another member of the SikhNet team (Ashvinder Singh) is now immersed in the business world and it seems like we rarely have time to work on fun projects anymore. I guess he is moving on to the next stage in his life. When we met, he was just out of school and was quite free flowing. Now he is in big time jobs…and about to get married. Things sure do change when you have a family and get older. I always tell my other youth to enjoy the freedom and flexibility while they still can. It all changes with age and having a family.

I have pretty much given up on trying to keep up with all the emails that I receive. Every day is a challenge to keep up with all the work and projects at SikhNet. There is so much "back end" stuff just to keep things going at SikhNet. I always pray that Guruji/God will provide the help that is needed. What we really need is additional skilled staff, and that requires significant funding from donors. So, in the mean time till this support comes to SikhNet we just have to keep on going as best we can.

I have to say having two kids is enough for me. I sometimes wonder how some families have so many kids. Either they got the "easy ticket" or are just plain tough parents (maybe somewhere in between?). We have been blessed with two beautiful children, but with them comes very strong wills. I  suppose this is a good thing in the long run, but it can be very challenging in these younger years when we are just trying to get by every day. It’s like a non-stop marathon with kids and you don’t get a rest. From the moment we wake up till I go to sleep at night. Those of you who are parents might know what I mean.

Charanjeet kaur is still teething. Two of her front top teeth have been trying to break through her gums for a few weeks now and with it comes MANY sleepless nights. Last night was one of those all-nighters where she would just scream and scream (crying). It is really a test, because on on hand you have to have compassion for your child, but on the other hand you are so tired and in that sleepy time it can get one quite angry. The cry of a baby (especially the loud cries) seem to be designed to go straight to your nerves. You can’t ignore it…and if it continues then it can be very stressful. You would think she would get tired out and stop crying, but she can cry for hours and hours on end. Last night we tried all kinds of things, but then around 4 am I gave up and tried some advil (ibuprofen) for the pain and finally she stayed asleep. With routines like this, it’s sometimes hard to function at work and afternoon naps are crucial.

So as you might imagine I haven’t had the time or energy to post on like the "old days". I’m just trying to keep going. It must be something also in the times, but I haven’t felt the inspiration or energy to do some things. I think it might just be a case of burnout and needing to re-charge my "batteries". At least there is a break in sight. In two weeks it will be Arjan’s birthday and then we all fly to New York to visit my parents for the week. I’ll then take a quick trip up to Washington, D.C. for a dinner event at the capitol (organized by SCORE). Then right after that week is the Summer Solstice Sadhana camp and I’ll be up on the mountain with Narayan, so this will be a good time to focus internally and re-charge my spiritual batteries.

All I can say is, if you have friends who have young babies/kids, give them a gift of a small and simple break by helping out. This is one of the benefits of having extended family who live nearby. Unfortunately not all of us have this so have to just make do with our spouses. I can’t even imagine how single parents do this. God Bless them!