Miri Piri Academy Leads Gatka Camp in New Delhi


"Miri Piri Academy, being the only school whose curriculum includes a step-by-step certification program of the Sikh martial art, Gatka, was invited to New Delhi to instruct kids of ages of 10-17. Hosted by the Siri Guru Harkrishan Public School, around 300 students from different schools attended the three-day course (April 24 – 26) organized and run by students of Miri Piri Acadmey. This was headed up by Jugat Guru Singh, Sadasat Simran Singh, and Harimandirjot Singh of Chardikala Jatha who expressed that they have not experienced such an enthusiastic and heartfelt response in all the camps they have taught.

Throughout the camp, our group taught various fundamental exercises and concepts that create the foundation of the art of Gatka as a whole. They began each day with an invocation Ardaas, followed by stretches and exercises, then 31 minutes of 4-step pantra to Jaap Sahib. Some of the techniques included in the camp curriculum were a variety of stretches, strengthening exercises (sarab dundes, squats, hand-to-hand partner exercises), Pantra, and stick work (both freestyle and shoulder-shoulder sparring). Each MPA student, heading a group of 15 to 20 kids, was given the opportunity to instruct and teach every person on a more personal level and was able to deliver the techniques more efficiently. To end each 5-hour-day, a meditation was lead by MPA where the school courtyard was filled with the booming voices of around 300 inspired kids chanting to Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio.

Our volunteer students from Miri Piri Academy were very successful in delivering a large curriculum to hundreds of eager-to-learn kids in such a short time. Not only did they teach wonderfully, they also built strong relationships and developed many friendships. Our kids were honored to teach Gatka and humbly offer what we learn here at MPA to other schools around India. We hope that these relationships continue to grow and prosper as we continue to teach and build new bridges from our culture to theirs."