The Fountain of Youth…

Narayan was a bit mischievous this past winter and as a result I had to re-construct our garden fountain. During the winter he poked the bottom of the fountain and somehow punctured the rubber/plastic fountain lining. I tried my best to patch it up…but the water kept leaking. So in the end I had to rebuild the water fountain which is a project. This will have been the third time doing so since we bought our home. Here are some before and after pictures of the fountain project. The biggest challenge is puzzling all the rock pieces and making sure that the water flows where it is supposed to.

It’s great having a fountain. It creates such a nice atmosphere. Are any of you garden enthusiasts? I love working out in the garden. After long hours on the computer it has a way of "grounding" me.

Here is what it looks like after I de-constructed the fountain and took the plastic liner and rocks off.


After I finished the fountain.  


I built a swing set too, so that Narayan would have some more fun things to do at home. Charanjeet is checking out the wood…and Arjan is taking the swing for a test drive.