Guru Ram Das Lullaby

I remember the many nights when I was a kid that my mother played the "Guru Ram Das Lullabye" with her guitar as I drifted off to sleep. This is a beautiful lullabye which is from the 1970s…and is one that I now sing to my children. The following recording is by Gurushabd Singh and Sat Kartar Kaur from 1978. Hopefully you and your children enjoy it as I do. It’s a great one to put the kids off to sleep.

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I did my best to type of the words from the recording. Here are the main lines:

Close your eyes, it’s the end of another busy day. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of other children slept this way, with Guru Ram Das to pretect them, keep them safe all through the night.

Oh…..Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das, Rakho Saharanai.
Meditate on Guru Nanak, may you love God with his clarity.
Meditate on Guru Angad, may devotion fill your heart and set you free.
Meditate on Guru Amardas, let none leave your house unfulfilled.
Meditate on Guru Ram Das, Your prayers will heal the weak and the ill.
Meditate on Guru Arjan, his poem is a jewel beyond all words.
Meditate on Guru Hargobind, You’ll find God on heaven and on earth.
Meditate on Guru Har Rai, God and you shall never be apart.
Meditate on Guru Harkrishan, his sacrifice brings compassion to you heart.
Meditate on Guru Teg Bahadhur, no enemy will disturb your inner peace.
Meditate on Guru Gobind Singh, defend truth till your soul is released.
Siri Guru Granth Sahib, may Gurbani be the love of this child’s life. May it fill their hearts with wisdom and courage to bear the test of the time.