Japji Sahib

Here is another inspiring and thought provoking lecture by Siri Singh Sahib ji about Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Japji Sahib. This is a video recorded during the 4 day Japji education course from June, 2003 in Espanola, New Mexico.

This lecture was one of the few last lectures by Siri Singh Sahib before he passed away in Oct 2004. As his health deteriorated he wasn’t physically able to teach as much. 

Japji Sahib contains universal teachings for anyone seeking Truth. It contains timeless wisdom and is said to give answers to life’s deepest questions.

Download: Video / Audio

If you enjoy the above lecture you can purchase a professionally produced two DVD set. It contains an additional lecture by Siri Singh Sahib as well as highlights of lectures, presentations and meditations from the Japji Course 2003 by some great teachers and musicians. It offers four hours of in-depth knowledge of Guru Nanak’s divine teachings of Japji plus a beautiful full length melodic recitation by Chardi Kala Jatha with visual cues for you to accompany the recitation.

You can order the DVD set online at: Spirit Voyage or Ancient Healing Ways