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It seems that whenever I get sick I have a lot of time to think about life or whatever is on my mind. As I usually do, I write down those thoughts and share them with you all. There is something positive for me that comes with feeling terrible, and lying sick in bed. I am now at the tail end of being sick and starting to feel more normal so am able to write down my thoughts.

Even since I started SikhNet I have felt a pressure from some of the Sikh community about being a Sikh. There has always been this feeling of "us and them" because of the differences of our origins as Sikhs. After receiving so much negativity from people I am normally hesitant to post "too many" lectures/articles by Siri Singh Sahib. I think that most people don’t realize the impact that the Siri Singh Sahib had on myself and countless others who have grown to become Sikhs and are not originally from India. He shared the teachings of the Gurus, taught on just about every aspect of life, and these teachings are what have inspired so many to have healthier, happier and holier lives. Already a few generations have grown up under his guidance and leadership.

He was unique in that he was able to connect and reach out to people of many different cultures in a way that had not been done before. He is no longer here in body but the teachings that he shared throughout his lifetime are still alive in all those that he taught, and are what I share with you on this blog.

 He used to always say… "Don’t love me… love the teachings" …. or…. "I have not come to get students, but to create teachers for tomorow".

Another one of his messages which is a constant reminder to me, and check for myself in not letting ego take hold when you serve others. 

"A teacher is not a person. He is like a water pipe. A pipe brings water to you; pipe is not water, water is not pipe. They are just media. Teacher is a medium of teaching. It is the teaching which you live, not the teacher."

The thing is that it was never about HIM. It was about sharing the Guru’s light with others, and helping people to see the inner light which is inside us all. Ultimately the Guru can work through all of us. For whatever reason Guruji guided the Siri Singh Sahib to come to the west (America/Canada) and start teaching about living healthy, happy and holy lives.

One thing I see often is that people have a tendency to judge something if it is unfamiliar or different. Last week Shakta Kaur who is an author of a few great books on Kundalini Yoga (and teaches yoga for children) was invited to talk on a very popular talk radio show. This was a live one hour radio call in show on ABC with Alan Colmes. It was a debate about Christianity and Teaching Yoga to kids in school. These days many schools in America are offering children the option to do Yoga (mostly as an after school activity). One particular Christian priest wrote a book about how Yoga is the "Anti-Christ" and was on the radio show as part of the debate. He was very against Yoga and thought that it was religious and took people away from Christianity. As I listened to the dialog I realized how ignorant he was, and how he really had no inkling of understanding of Yoga. (You can listen to the whole debate if you are interested)

Why am I telling you this? I realized that this is a very similar situation of what I see happen with some Sikhs when relating to Yoga. They already have this set impression in their mind that Yoga = Bad (or against Sikhi). Or that Yoga = Hinduism, when in fact Kundalini Yoga is not of any particular religion and pre-dates even Hinduism. Of course one doesn’t have to practice Yoga to be a good person or a Sikh. It is merely a tool that one can use to help in the journey. There are many tools that God has given us and many paths to travel on. I just feel that people’s pre-judgments and mis-understandings limit themselves and slow them on their path. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to experience something for yourself. In the end we have to live our life and journey the path as best we can for our own self (not for someone else). So if something that I do or share with you on this blog doesn’t feel right for you, then by all means dis-regard it. That is your choice. Just don’t judge it or assume that someone else can’t benefit from it just because you didn’t.

The problem with religion is that everyone has their own path, and many feel that their way is the BETTER or ONLY WAY. As a result people fight within religions and between religions. If only we could all see the light and common thread the flows between all of us and focus more on that (rather than the differences). 

I realize now that all this thinking/writing is more for me to process it all and feel that I should not limit what I share because of other people’s prejudice or opinions. I know there will always be people that disagree with things, but such is life. Life is full of variety. One cannot expect everyone to have the same perspective.

I think one of the points in this all is to not focus so much on the person/personality conveying the message; but to look at what is being taught (which is what is important). Sometimes the judgment of the personality clouds your vision and you fail to even see what is being taught or conveyed. It reminds me of a person who is arguing with someone, and is so set in what he thinks that no matter what the other person says he will never change his mind. This person doesn’t even hear what the other person has to say.

May God Bless us all to challenge ourself to connect with our higher self, uplift ourselves and humanity, so that the world will be a better place. Wahe Guru!

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