Taking the Sikh Blog Pulse

If you are like me and read lots of other people’s blogs, you’ll know it can be difficult keep up with all the posts. Even just out of the Sikh Bloggers there are over 200 blogs (many of whom write posts on a regular basis). I love reading other people’s blogs because it gives me a sense of what is going on around the world, in people’s personal lives and in their community. For a while now I have wanted to find a way to keep track of all the Sikh Bloggers. A place to see what everyone is posting online (all in one place). I finally found a solution to do this using Google Reader. I went through all the active blogs that have RSS feeds on them and added the blogs to my account (about 160 blogs). The next challenge will be to keep this list up to date as new people create blogs (since I have to manually add any new blogs to the list).

This really is an experiment, so let’s see if it proves to be useful. It is only as good as the content that bloggers are posting. I may end up narrowing down the blog list to a select number of blogs that post good content. So, for now…all the blogs that I know of are in.

See the latest blog posts by Sikh Bloggers from around the globe by going to: http://blogpulse.sikhnet.com or on the sidebar to the right.

You can also add a cool little box to your own website or blog by copying a small piece of HTML and pasting it on your blog/website. This will then show you and your visitors the latest blog entries by Sikh Bloggers. 

Or if you have an account on Blogger you can add one of these boxes with a simple click on the button below (though with this option I have only configured one color scheme, whereas with the HTML code you can chose different color schemes).