The 40 Days of Sadhana Begin!

[photopress:Golden_Temple_Morning_1.jpg,full,alignright]Earlier last week I posted a message about having a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana). I invited the Sangat to join me in a commitment to getting up every morning before the sun rises to meditate for (at least) 40 days. Thirty three people made a pledge to come on this journey and have the experience of Meditation in the Amrit Vela.

Today was the first official day and it was great. Starting off with a cold shower really does the trick; waking me up and getting my circulation going. It is such a great feeling to have the quiet time in the early morning to listen and tune into your inner self. Last night I remember thinking…”Yeah! It’s friday night! Stay up late and watch movies…!” (like I normally do). But then I realized that I couldn’t go to sleep too late if I wanted to wake up early. Then as morning time came I woke up a bit earlier than my alarm was set for…and I remember thinking, “I’ll just sleep a bit more”…even though the alarm was going to go off in a few minutes. Then I started thinking how warm and cozy I was in the bed and how much I just wanted to keep sleeping. Hahaha… It’s like a whole movie playing out in my head. Ultimately I just had to tell my mind to shut up…and I got up without any more dialog. I look forward to when I start waking up without my mind playing the games. I remember when it used to be like that for me when I used to wake up early on a regular basis. Eventually when you wake up every morning you probably won’t even need an alarm and will just wake up on your own…and without any mind “battles”.

Whenever you make a commitment and discipline yourself there are always roadblocks and things which come up trying their very best to pull you off the track.There is ALWAYS some excuse or the other that your mind thinks up. The mind does it’s thing and tries to take control. Man-Jeetay-Jagjeet – Conquer the mind and Conquer the World!

Anyways, myself and others have just started this 40 day Sadhana…and I’m sure many of us will go through all these challenges. I invite you to join us in this experience and start waking up early before the sun rises. You can read through my previous post for ideas and info.

The 40 days will end on March 14th and I look forward to hearing your experiences as we go through the days! We are all here to support each other…and I’m sure everyone will do their best to Keep Up!

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