Sahej Sukh Dhyaan Meditation

Sahej Sukh Dhyaan is a wonderful and powerful meditation. Bliss, happiness and comfort! What could be better? We practiced it together at Sikh Student Camp last summer and a group of Singhs and Kaurs came together each morning to do it before morning Japji Sahib. If you practice it, it will give you a very calm mind and the ability to listen deeply and understand the root of any situation. Try starting with 5 minutes and work up to 11 minutes. You can do it for as long as you like, but I suggest 11 minutes for 40 days. Try it and see what happens! Report back in the comments here. Wahe Guru!

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"Sahaj is the way of bliss, of happiness. Sahaj also means slow. You do not have to exert yourself much. But you do have to relax. There is no tension. Sukh means comfort. Dhyaan means meditation. Sahej Singh Dhyan is a very ancient technology." 

Sit in any comfortable posture with your chin in, chest out, and spine straight.  This meditation can be done with your hands in a mudra or not, it is your choice. As you breathe in, keep your eyes closed, and consciously feel that the breath is passing between the eyebrows and the root of the nose. It is timed by silent recitation of the Mul Mantra: "Ek Ong Kaar, Saat Nam, Kartaa Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akaal Moort, Ajooni Saibhang, Gur Prasaad, Jap, Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibhee Sach, Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach."

Remember, the recitation of the mantra is totally mental and silent and there are five recitations of the Mul Mantra per complete breath.  During the part when the breath is held, pull your stomach in and diaphragm up to lift the energy.

As you inhale, mentally recite the Mul Mantra once to coincide with the full deep breath, Then hold the breath as you silently recite the Mul Mantra three times, and on the exhalation, mentally recite the Mul Mantra once. Exhale as slowly as you can so the exhale lasts the entire time of the Mul Mantra.

This meditation was originally taught at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in the summer of 1976