Feel the light of Guru Gobind Singh

Narayan SinghWhen I drive my son Narayan Singh to school the first thing he normally asks is, "I want to hear Guru Gobind Singh and Baba Deep Singh!! Papa…can you put it on?" These are two audio tracks from a CD called "Keep on Walking – Song of the Saints" by Indi Kaur. The images and stories of Guru Gobind Singh and the warrior saints of the time are very compelling for him. Young kids especially like "super heroes"…so what better super hero than Guru Gobind Singh?? He sure beats any of these fictional so called "super heroes" that you see on TV.

A while back I was holding my daughter and relaxing on the weekend and I saw my son with my big headphones and a CD player listening to the CD. It was so cute and innocent hearing him, so I grabbed my camera and walked behind him as he walked around the house singing. Children are so beautiful and innocent. Watching the video makes me smile. Hopefully it gives you a smile as it did for me :)