Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to Gurumustuk Singh and Arjan Kaur!

Gurumustuk Singh and Arjan Kaur
Today is Gurumustuk Singh and Arjan Kaur’s 8th wedding anniversary! Wahe Guru! Here is one of the most perfectly matched couples I know – they both work hard and play hard, and love the Guru and each other deeply. Their marriage is a true amalgam of spirits – one soul in two bodies. May Guru Ji ever continue to bless them in their marriage and in their constant seva to the Espanola community and to the world. May all young couples look to them as an example of what a marriage that has the Guru at its center can be and should be. May you both be blessed with health, happiness, prosperity, grace and the deep and abiding love of Guru and Sangat that is the essence of your marriage.

P.S. – Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of Gurumustuk Singh and Arjan Kaur together? OMG… he’s always got the camera in his hands. Thank God he handed it to someone else this one time so we could have this snap of them together.


Thanks, Guruka for the surprise and words about me and Arjan! It was most unexpected.

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