Mataji – 60 Years of Love

Many of you know today as Christmas (Dec. 25th), but for me today I celebrate the birth of my beloved mother Sat Kirin Kaur, who today has turned 60 years young. My mother has always been there for me and supported me through many challenges. So much of who I am is thanks to the love and devotion of my mother. Her love for the Guru I think made a deep impression on me very early on; probably even before I was born. I think these are the types of things that a child absorbs like osmosis. She was the Guru Granthi for our Gurdwara in Los Angeles and was always around the Guru and playing kirtan.

It’s no easy task being a parent and raising a child on a spiritual path (I know that now having my own children). So, on this day my love and prayers go out to my beautiful mother. Thank you Mata ji.


Narayan, me and Mataji earlier today after we went for a swimming (we are still in Florida) 


Amaji (Sat Kirin Kaur) with Charanjeet Kaur