Snow, snow snow!

It's Snowing in Espanola!What with Gurumustuk Singh posting all those lovely photos from the beach in Florida whilst he’s on vacation, I thought I’d post one I took this morning here in Espanola, New Mexico. Yes, it’s snowing again! I love it. It snowed through the pre-dawn hours and it’s still snowing hard. This is a photo from my back porch this morning.  Look closely at the wall of my neighbor’s house and you can actually see the snow coming down. We’re cozy and warm, working from home today with a crackling fire in the fireplace. All one needs these days is a cozy fire, Gurbani playing on the stereo, a telephone and a good broadband connection.
Wahe Guru! Winter Solstice blessings to everyone! …..Guruka Singh
Guruka Kaur Cozy By the Fire

Guruka Kaur by the cozy fire